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The Department of Accounting, Faculty of Economics and Business, UGM offers the Bachelor's degree (S1) in Accounting. Since its establishment, the Bachelor Program has a national reputation in terms of high standards in the field of accounting education. The Bachelor Program has shown its contribution in improving national competitiveness, both in the field of teaching and research. The Bachelor Program, which is part of the FEB UGM that has been accredited by the AACSB, has established systems to ensure that its mission, vision, goals and objectives can be accomplished. PSSA always strives to implement the mandate as a national reference, an agent of change in the field of accounting education, and always prioritizes the tradition of superior quality in terms of input, process and output. In the last curriculum workshop held in March 2018, PSSA has adjusted the curriculum to accommodate the latest changes in financial and technology reporting, and anticipate global business competition.

The Department of Accounting has committed to the development of human resources through the sending of lecturers for doctoral studies continues. On the other hand, the Bachelor Program managed to maintain a high percentage (more than 61%) of lecturers with doctorates and were active in conducting international publications.

By trying to meet the various standards set by AACSB, the Bachelor of Accounting continues to improve the development of human resources both for teaching and non-teaching staff. Efforts to improve cooperation with the industry and alumni continue. The Bachelor of Accounting regularly facilitates on campus recruitment, internships, and alumni reunions on campus. From various collaborations with industry and alumni, it continues to improve the quality of existing processes and subsequently can produce better graduates between times.

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